Change ringing and musical bells have become more popular over time. A tradition that has its roots so firmly planted in history most certainly has a place in the present. Join us in making melodies of a different kind. We are here to bring to life something that is sometimes forgotten.

Bells make beautiful sounds, however, different bells, different sounds. Join us on an exploratory journey to unmask the different types of bells and understand where they came from. It is easy to differentiate the varieties by sight and sound. Delve into the history and study the developments over time.

We will reveal to you the influence of bells in today’s life and explain how bells are used to draw attention or retain it. Discover how these instruments are used by casinos to fascinate and entice. On a completely different side of the scale, you will begin to understand the symbolism behind bells where religion is concerned.

Get up to date information on the latest bell-related movies and take a closer inspection of the significance of the bells within each story. There are many films throughout history that have used bells as a focal point or identified them in the name. Coincidence? Not. Each has some significance within the story of the likes of Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Find out where you can see bell ringers in action and perhaps taking the step to becoming one yourself. Roadshows are the perfect opportunity to become engrossed in an activity that is enjoyed the world over.