What Is Self Hypnosis Really?

Self hypnosis has been used for thousands of years. In fact self hypnosis dates back to pre-written history. Its uses have been varied.


The great majority of people believe that hypnosis is a party trick that can make people cluck like Michael Emery
Michael J. Emerychickens or see things that are not there. However, self hypnosis as a tool for growth is extremely powerful.

The trance state associated with self hypnosis is a natural and easily accessed mind/body state. All of us encounter the self hypnosis trance. We enter and exist this state constantly everyday. When you watch television, read a book, relax, recall memories, daydream etc., you have entered a state of self hypnosis!

During a self hypnosis trance your brain generates alpha waves and your body becomes relaxed. A self hypnosis trance state is one of heightened focus. The difference between ordinary focus and self hypnosis trance is your focus! You will lose focus of the things that are happening around you and concentrate all your focus on one thing.

Right now while you are reading these words you are fully concentrated on what you are doing and you have entered a light self hypnosis trance. This is a necessary ability. Think back to when you learned to drive – it was difficult right? You had to concentrate on the mechanics of driving the vehicle, steering it, judging distances, watching the road and observing other road users, potential hazards and pedestrians. Your focus was widened to include many different things. Imagine if you had to do that all the time with every task. It would be almost impossible and exhausting!


Instead, we can laser-in or focus on one or two subjects and concentrate all our attention on that disregarding everything else that is going on around us. In the office you can concentrate on your work while they repair the road outside, co-workers have a conversation, telephones ring on the background etc. If you were unable to enter a state of self hypnosis you would constantly be distracted by things going on a round you.

When you use self hypnosis you merely deepen this light trance state so that you can focus even more sharply on a chosen subject. When you’re brain is displaying alpha brainwaves you are very open to accepting suggestions!

You can use self hypnosis to:

Learn & retain information more easily.

Eliminate phobias.


Defuse emotional memories.

Disempower negative beliefs.