What does AWS Solution Architect Associate do?

Roles of AWS Certified Solutions Architect

  1. The position of a solution architect is one of the most sought-after positions among developers. They are liable for building and coordination of computer systems and data for addressing explicit necessities. Ordinarily, this includes the mix of equipment and programming for meeting the client characterized reason.
  2. Examination of current systems and architecture is also one of their responsibilities. They work with specialized and business staff for suggesting solutions for more effective frameworks.
  1. Ultimately, their main responsibility is regarding the vision underlying the solution and how to execute that vision.
  2. A solution architect may likewise need to care for programming, testing, and incorporation of programming frameworks and gadgets. They use measures that normally include the determination of innovation that is reasonable for a problem.
  3. They also need to maintain a balance between enterprise concerns and architectural concerns. Most of the solution architects have years of experience in programming advancement, which equips them with tools that can help them be more gainful and effective.

The primary focal point of a solution architect is on:-

  • The utilization of technology for finding a solution to business issues
  • Which stage, structure or tech-stack should be used for the creation of a solution?
  • The appearance of the application, what modules to utilize and the cooperation between those modules.
  • Scaling for future and its maintenance
  • Determining the risk associated with third-party p