These exciting roadshows are held every two years in the UK. It is the perfect opportunity for ringing organizations and those who sell equipment pertaining to the activity, to display their products and exhibit what they can do. It provides a wonderful environment where like-minded individuals can meet and share experiences and knowledge.

Fill Your Day with Activities

For bell ringing enthusiasts, this is a prime time to start your Christmas shopping, it’s only a few months away. Besides bells of all kinds that are on offer, there are also a host of promotional items to collect. Cups, caps and diaries are perfect stocking fillers. Get a chance to attend some seminars and increase your knowledge, or hone your skills. For those who are starting out, try your skills on handbills and take the next step starting a hobby that holds so much pleasure. Enjoy the day out with your family, take in all that is on offer, and go home with bells ringing in your ears.

Roadshow Side Shows

At any given roadshow you can rest assured that there will be loads of exhibits featuring all kind of different industries. The Ringing World publication is always at these events. As the only magazine that celebrates the art of change ringing, it is a hive of information and interesting facts. Anything from bell restoration specialists to bell hangers are eager to show what they can do. This is the perfect place to pick up teaching aids, music, videos, books, recordings and ringing software. There is nothing that you can’t find where bells are concerned.

This hobby is one that is widely-acknowledged and enjoyed by many all over the world. While it may stray from the conventional, once you start to delve into the history you will be surprised at what jumps out at you. Make music with the simplest instrument created and share the jingles and jangles with everyone who will listen